In year 2003 Husqvarna motocycles had been produced for 100 years. This book, which is written in finnish, describes the history from the early motorized bicycles to modern supermotards.

Racing has always played an important role at Husqvarna. Beside the general history, the book introduces successfull riders like Heikki Mikkola, Torsten Hallman, Aarno Erola, Bo Granath and Kent Andersson. They have all helped writing this book and given rarely seen pictures to be published in it. Furthermore are described different sports that Husqvarna has attented: motocross, enduro, ice-racing, flat-track, road racing and trial.

Husqvarna Club Finland was founded in 1994. This active club has arranged for example many parades. Most significant achievement is the racing series for vintage motocross bikes, Classic Motocross Cup. Club has also arranged finnish teams for Classic Motocross des Nation -races. This book describes both the history of the club and finnish classic motocross. 

Don't be afraid of the language: whole 330 pages and plenty of pictures (some in colours) in this A5-sized book make sure that there is a lot to see! Everyone interested in Husqvarna motorcycles should get one. Price is 20 eur + shipping.

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ISBN 952-91-6561-7