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Classic Motocross Cup

              Classic Motocross Cup, a race series for vintage motocross bikes, has become more and more popular every year. People have noticed that this is not ment to be fierce top-level competition but purely a fun hobby. In this sport you don’t have to go jogging every day, and fitness center can be something that you know only by name. Although, with this attitude you must also accept that you are not going to stand on the podium because there are also very fast and strong riders on the track. Anyway, the main purpose is to be able to race in a pleasant way. Heat is 10 minutes + 2 laps so everyone in normal condition can survive it nicely.

The other side of the hobby (and the most time consuming) is of course building the bike. Very few people have a ready-to-race 20- 40 years old motocross bike standing in the back of their garage. So, the first step into the merry brotherhood of classic motocrossers, is to get or make parts needed and to put the bike ready for race. Nowadays there are many bikes ready so it is possible to buy one. Hints for getting a bike or spare parts can be get, for example, by joining Husqvarna Club Finland.

Class A is for bikes of year model 1968 or older. Class B for 1969 –1974 and class C 1975 – 1979. In class D there is no limit for the year model but the bike must be air cooled, have drum brakes and no linkage system rear suspension. Class D1 is for 250cc and D2 for 500cc bikes. New class E is for pre -87 bikes. Sidecars in class 1 must be from 1986 or older and have air cooled motor and drum brakes. No "light-weight bikes". Class 2 is for 1989 and older bikes. Every rider (and passengers in side cars) must have a racing licence. 

Number plate colours depends on bike’s size: under 175 cc have black plates and white numbers, 250cc have green plates and white numbers and 500cc have yellow plates and black numbers. Riders number remains the same for the whole season and in all classes. Number is required also on the back of the rider, in sidecars also passenger. This black number must be clearly marked on white base sized at least 20 x 20 cm.

Classic Motocross des Nations will be held in Italy. Riders in this event mean business, and it’s no use trying to get in the team without serious commitment. Classes are divided according to both riders and bikes age. 60+ old riders can have bikes from year 1965 or older, 50+ have to ride 1970 or older bikes and 35+ riders race bikes from 1972 or older. There are 4 riders in a team or only 3 if more than 12 attending countries. Riders for the Finnish team will be chosen in early summer, mainly from riders attending in the Classic Motocross Cup. Finland has had great success every year.

For European Championship will be ridden also in 2010. There will be three races all having two heats. All heats are counted. Classes are the same as in Classic Motocross des Nations except that there is a new class 66+.

Official info about the finnish Classic Motocross Cup can be obtained from these pages and Husqvarna Club Finland's member publications.

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